Monday, 21 May 2018
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Low-Air Loss Mattress

When is a Patient at risk for Pressure Ulcers (bed sores)?

  1. Patient is immobile of inactive-  Patient is experiencing loss of blood flow to the skin due to lack of movement.
  2. Body size and shape-  Patients that are very thin or obese have a higher risk of pressure ulcers.  Obese patients have fewer blood vessels close to the skin creating reduced blood flow.  Very thin patients lack adequate cushioning between bone and skin.
  3. Skin conditions-  Thinning skin form either age or medications makes skin more susceptible.
  4. Nutrition-  A healthy diet and calorie intake maintains skin elasticity and thickness.
  5. Incontinence and infection-  Urine, fecal matter and sweat can cause skin to soften and be at risk of tearing.
  6. Circulation-  Edema and swelling due to poor blood circulation makes the skin less resistant to pressure.

How do Pressure Ulcers Form?

  1. Pressure-  When blood is cut off in an area by pressure for an extended amount of time.
  2. Moisture-  Overly moist skin tears easily due to break down.
  3. Shear-  Capillaries stretch and tear when skin remains stationary on bed linens and surface moves.
  4. Friction-  When skin is pulled across a surface and outer layer is broken down.
Shown below are Pressure Ulcers Stages I - IVstages.png



Prevention and Treatment                                  of Pressure Ulcers

Patient's that are highly susceptible to decubitus ulcers or who currently have Stage I through IV pressure sores will benefit from the use of a LOW AIR LOSS MATTRESS.

low air loss mattress.png 

Features and Benefits of LOW AIR LOSS MATTRESSES 

  • ♦  Pressure Relief / Alternating-  Alternate cells fill and empty on a 9 minute cycle.
  • ♦  Static Mode Feature-  Press the static button and the alternation is halted to preform patient transfers or other procedures.
  • ♦  Low Air Loss Vents-  Air cells in the torso region have low air loss to help maintain a dry microclimate at the skins surface.
  • ♦  Full Length Air Cells-  Soft full length air cell bottom prevents bottoming out in a power failure.
  • ♦  CPR Pull-  Easy to release air in the event of an emergency; just reinsert the plug to use system again.
  • ♦  Ultra-Soft Cover-  Laminated with polyurethane for excellent stain resistance, soft and smooth to minimize friction. Fluid-proof quilted underside for comfort.
  • ♦  Low Pressure Alert Light-  Indicates that unit should be checked by provider/caregiver.
  • ♦  Adjustable Firmness-  Select proper inflation for every patient.