Saturday, 21 April 2018

How to set up Portable Oxygen Cylinders
How to Set up Portable Oxygen Cylinders                 

  1. Remove plastic seal from oxygen cylinder. 
  2. Slide the regulator over the post valve on the cylinder. 
  3. Align index pins with index pin alignment holes in post valve.  Hand tighten T-handle. 
  4. Slowly open the cylinder valve, using toggle, counterclockwise.
  5. Turn dial to your prescribed liter flow number. 
  6. Place cannula in nostrils and breathe through nose to begin oxygen flow.  Oxygen will flow/pulse only while inhaling.


Oxygen Portable Setup



Having Problems? If the regulator fails to function, use this troubleshooting guide.
Problem Probable Cause Remedy
A. No Flow 1. Cylinder valve closed  
2. Regulator in “OFF”      position
3. Cylinder empty
4. Dial not set to proper
     liter flow
5. Regulator not sensing
1. Open the valve on the cylinder
2. Set to prescribed
3. Replace cylinder

4. Set dial so indicator      points to correct setting
5. Check position of the
    cannula in nose DO NOT breath through mouth
B. Leaking at Cylinder Connection 1. Missing or defective      washer (yoke seal)
2. Defective cylinder
1. Replace with new      washer (yoke seal)
2. Contact PaO2