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Oxygen Safety

Oxygen Safety

Oxygen does not explode and cannot burn by itself.  However, fire will occur when oxygen exists in combination with a combustible or flammable material and a source of ignition.

To prevent the chance of fire, follow these rules:

DO NOT permit the use of open flames or burning tobacco in the room where oxygen is being used or stored.

DO NOT use any household electric equipment in oxygen enriched areas ( e.g., electric razor, heaters, blankets).

DO NOT use heavy coatings of oily lotions, face creams, or hair dressings while receiving oxygen.

DO NOT use aerosol sprays in the vicinity of oxygen equipment.

DO NOT use petroleum based products (i.e., petroleum jelly) around oxygen.

DO NOT oil and grease any oxygen equipment.

DO NOT allow oxygen tubing to be covered by any objects.

DO NOT leave oxygen on when equipment is not in use.

DO NOT abuse or handle oxygen containers roughly.

DO NOT store oxygen in confined areas.

DO NOT allow untrained persons or children to adjust oxygen equipment.

DO NOT store oxygen containers near radiators, heat ducts, steam pipes or other sources of heat.

DO NOT transport oxygen in an enclosed area or the trunk of your car.

ALWAYS store oxygen secured with a chain or a stand.

NEVER CHANGE your prescribed liter flow without first checking with your doctor.